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Superhit songs by Raveendran

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Superhit songs by Raveendran

Track Listing
1 Aatmavil Mazhayethum munpe Raveendran::Kaithapram::Yesudas
2 kalabham tharam Vadakkumnathan Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Chithra
3 Muttathe mullathai Saivar thirumeni Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas::Sujatha
4 Kandu njan mizhikalil Abhimanue Raveendran::Kaithapram::MG Sreekumar
5 Kaduvaye kiduva Thachiledathu Chundan Raveendran::Bichu Thirumala::Yesudas
6 Chicha chicha Mazhayethum munpe Raveendran::Kaithapram::S Janaki
7 Moovanthi thazhvarayil Kanmadham Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
8 Orukili paattu moolave Vadakkumnathan Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas::Chithra
9 Vattachilavinu Chakkram Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas::jayachandran
10 Mazhapaithu manam Oru abhibhashakante case diary Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
11 Thiruvathira Kanmadham Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::MG Sreekumar::Radhika Thilak
12 Aalapuzha vazhum Thachiledathu Chundan Raveendran::Bichu Thirumala::Yesudas
13 Enthinu veroru Mazhayethum munpe Raveendran::Kaithapram::Yesudas::Chithra
14 Pattu veluppinu Venkalam Raveendran::P Bhaskaran::Chithra
15 Gange thudiyil Vadakkumnathan Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
16 Yathrayay Aayirappara Raveendran::Kavalam Narayana Panicker::Yesudas::arundhathi
17 Manjakiliyude Kanmadham Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
18 Aarum aarum pinvili Saivar thirumeni Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Chithra
19 Thoothukudi chandhayile Chakkram Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas::biju narayanan
20 Jalakam pin chuvaril Padaliputhram Raveendran::Bichu Thirumala::MG Sreekumar
21 Aarattukadavinkal Venkalam Raveendran::P Bhaskaran::Yesudas
22 Ramayanakaatte Abhimanue Raveendran::Kaithapram::Chithra::mg sreekumar
23 Shokamookamay Thachiledathu Chundan Raveendran::Bichu Thirumala::Yesudas
24 Orayilam swapnam Kausalam Raveendran::Kaithapram::Chithra::Minmini
25 Nattupachakkili Aayirappara Raveendran::Kavalam Narayana Panicker::Yesudas
26 Kanikonnakal Oru abhibhashakante case diary Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::sujatha
27 Ganabappa Abhimanue Raveendran::Kaithapram::MG Sreekumar
28 Dhoore puzhayude Chakkram Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
29 Aruvikalude Saivar thirumeni Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas::Chithra
30 Thai thai cholli Thachiledathu Chundan Raveendran::Bichu Thirumala::Yesudas
31 Dhoore karalilurukumoru Kanmadham Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
32 Thathaka thathaka Vadakkumnathan Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::MG Sreekumar
33 Kinavin Kausalam Raveendran::Kaithapram::Yesudas
34 Pattu veluppinu Venkalam Raveendran::P Bhaskaran::Biju Narayanan
35 Kallan chakkettu Thachiledathu Chundan Raveendran::Bichu Thirumala::Yesudas::Chithra
36 Kallyanam kallyanam Padaliputhram Raveendran::Bichu Thirumala::MG Sreekumar
37 Anjazhi Aayirappara Raveendran::Kavalam Narayana Panicker::Yesudas
38 Gange thudiyil Vadakkumnathan Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Chithra
39 Pathimayum chandralekha Chakkram Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
40 Mamalamele Abhimanue Raveendran::Kaithapram::MG Sreekumar::Chithra
41 Othiri othiri Venkalam Raveendran::P Bhaskaran::Yesudas
42 Allikalline Saivar thirumeni Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::manoj k jayan
43 Nilavin Kausalam Raveendran::Kaithapram::Chithra
44 kalabham tharam Vadakkumnathan Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Biju Narayanan
45 Ellavarkum kittiyal Aayirappara Raveendran::Kavalam Narayana Panicker::MG Sreekumar
46 Sheeveli mudangi Venkalam Raveendran::P Bhaskaran::Yesudas
47 Mannilum Vinnilum Chakkram Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::santhosh kesavan
48 Yesunayaka Saivar thirumeni Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas::saumya
49 Meen meenmi pari Padaliputhram Raveendran::Bichu Thirumala::MG Sreekumar
50 Pahiparamporule Vadakkumnathan Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::manjari::sindhu premkumar
51 Muttathe mullathai Saivar thirumeni Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::jayachandran::Sujatha
52 Pathimayum chandralekha Chakkram Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Chithra
53 Shaivasamkethame Thachiledathu Chundan Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
54 manchadi cheppil Padaliputhram Raveendran::Bichu Thirumala::sujatha
55 Classical bit Abhimanue Raveendran::Chithra
56 Japakodigunam Saivar thirumeni Raveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas

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