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Multimedia CD-ROM Compatible. Only for PCs

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Multimedia CD-ROM Compatible. Only for PCs

Pre School Pebbles present "First Aid & Safety" a must be possessed in every household.First aid is the attention given in an emergency situation. Mnay a times assistance rendered at the initial stage can save a life. In this CD, the causes, symptoms and remedies the do"s and don"ts and the protocol to be followed before calling for medical attention is lucidly detailed in a step by step manner.

It details how an emergency situation is to be recognized and the correct response to it, In a practical manner. With its assistance, minor problems can be attended to in the house itself. It also deals with the safety norms to be followed in many situations. It"s valuable possession means a Doctor at home or a Doctor at hand.

KIDS SAFETY : Safe toys, Farm safety, House hold accidents, ENT for kids, Childs vision, Childs teeth, Safety for school goers, General safety, Computers and pets.

HEALTH HAZARDS : CPR, Chest pain, Chocking

FEVER : Gastroenteritis, Head pain, Heart attack, Tooth ache

HEAT STROKE : Hypothermia
BURNS : Chem Burns, Chem splash in the eye, Elec burns, Elec shock

FOREIGN OBJECTS : Ear, Eye, Nose, Skin, Inhaled, Swallowed

INSECT POISONING : Food borne illness, Frost bite, Insect bites, Poisoning, Snake bite, Animal bite

BLEEDS : Corneal abrasion, Cuts and scrapes, Head trauma, Severe bleeding

INJURIES : Black eye, Blisters, Bruises, Dislocation, Fracture, Sprain

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