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Old film songs

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Old film songs

Track Listing
1 Puthan Valakkare Chemmeen Salil Chowdhury::Vayalar::Yesudas::P Leela
2 Kakkakkarumbakale Ezhu Rathrikal Salil Chowdhury::Vayalar::Yesudas::Latha
3 Rathri Rathri Ezhu Rathrikal Salil Chowdhury::Vayalar::PB Sreenivas
4 Panchamiyo Ezhu Rathrikal Salil Chowdhury::Vayalar::Latha Raju
5 Kanakkuyile Swapnam Salil Chowdhury::ONV::S Janaki
6 Saurayoodhathil Swapnam Salil Chowdhury::ONV::Vani Jayaram
7 Malarkodipole Vishukkani Salil Chowdhury::Sreekumaran Thampi::S Janaki
8 Nadan Pattile Maina Ragam Salil Chowdhury::Vayalar::Vani Jayaram
9 Poove va va Poovinte Neelaponman Salil Chowdhury::Vayalar::P Jayachandran
10 Ambadipoomkuyile Ragam Salil Chowdhury::Vayalar::P Suseela
11 Oru mukham Mathram Etho oru swapnam Salil Chowdhury::Sreekumaran Thampi::Sabitha Chowdhary
12 Chemba Chemba Nellu Salil Chowdhury::Vayalar::P Jayachandran
13 Malayattoor Thomasleeha Salil Chowdhury::Vayalar::Brahmanandan::Selma
14 Rappadipadunna Vishukkani Salil Chowdhury::Sreekumaran Thampi::P Suseela
15 Mamalayile Aparadhi Salil Chowdhury::P Bhaskaran::Jolly Abraham::Vani Jayaram
16 Pooniranjal Etho oru swapnam Salil Chowdhury::Sreekumaran Thampi::Yesudas
17 Ee malarkanyakal Madanolsavam Salil Chowdhury::ONV::S Janaki
18 Ponnushassin Vishukkani Salil Chowdhury::Sreekumaran Thampi::P Jayachandran
19 Kannilpoovu Vishukkani Salil Chowdhury::Sreekumaran Thampi::Vani Jayaram
20 Onnam Thumbi Samayamillapolum Salil Chowdhury::ONV::P Suseela
21 Aarattukadavil Puthiya Velicham Salil Chowdhury::Sreekumaran Thampi::P Jayachandran
22 Yamune Nee Ozhukoo Thulavarsham Salil Chowdhury::Vayalar::Yesudas::S Janaki
23 Jil Jil Chilamboli Puthiya Velicham Salil Chowdhury::Sreekumaran Thampi::P Jayachandran
24 Neeyoromal Chuvanna Chirakukal Salil Chowdhury::ONV::Yesudas
25 Unaroo Unaroo Air Hostess Salil Chowdhury::ONV::Yesudas::Vani Jayaram
26 Aararo Puthiya Velicham Salil Chowdhury::Sreekumaran Thampi::Ambili
27 Varu Varu Devadasi Salil Chowdhury::ONV::Sabitha Chowdhary
28 Poo Virinjallo Puthiya Velicham Salil Chowdhury::Sreekumaran Thampi::Yesudas
29 Kelee Nalinam Thulavarsham Salil Chowdhury::Vayalar::Yesudas
30 Ponnalayil Devadasi Salil Chowdhury::ONV::Yesudas::Vani Jayaram

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