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Athmavin Pustakathalil -hits of raveendran MP3

Athmavin Pustakathalil -hits of raveendran MP3

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Superhit songs by Raveendran

Track Listing
1AatmavilMazhayethum munpeRaveendran::Kaithapram::Yesudas
2kalabham tharamVadakkumnathanRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Chithra
3Muttathe mullathaiSaivar thirumeniRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas::Sujatha
4Kandu njan mizhikalilAbhimanueRaveendran::Kaithapram::MG Sreekumar
5Kaduvaye kiduvaThachiledathu ChundanRaveendran::Bichu Thirumala::Yesudas
6Chicha chichaMazhayethum munpeRaveendran::Kaithapram::S Janaki
7Moovanthi thazhvarayilKanmadhamRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
8Orukili paattu moolaveVadakkumnathanRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas::Chithra
9VattachilavinuChakkramRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas::jayachandran
10Mazhapaithu manamOru abhibhashakante case diaryRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
11ThiruvathiraKanmadhamRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::MG Sreekumar::Radhika Thilak
12Aalapuzha vazhumThachiledathu ChundanRaveendran::Bichu Thirumala::Yesudas
13Enthinu veroruMazhayethum munpeRaveendran::Kaithapram::Yesudas::Chithra
14Pattu veluppinuVenkalamRaveendran::P Bhaskaran::Chithra
15Gange thudiyilVadakkumnathanRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
16YathrayayAayirapparaRaveendran::Kavalam Narayana Panicker::Yesudas::arundhathi
17ManjakiliyudeKanmadhamRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
18Aarum aarum pinviliSaivar thirumeniRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Chithra
19Thoothukudi chandhayileChakkramRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas::biju narayanan
20Jalakam pin chuvarilPadaliputhramRaveendran::Bichu Thirumala::MG Sreekumar
21AarattukadavinkalVenkalamRaveendran::P Bhaskaran::Yesudas
22RamayanakaatteAbhimanueRaveendran::Kaithapram::Chithra::mg sreekumar
23ShokamookamayThachiledathu ChundanRaveendran::Bichu Thirumala::Yesudas
24Orayilam swapnamKausalamRaveendran::Kaithapram::Chithra::Minmini
25NattupachakkiliAayirapparaRaveendran::Kavalam Narayana Panicker::Yesudas
26KanikonnakalOru abhibhashakante case diaryRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::sujatha
27GanabappaAbhimanueRaveendran::Kaithapram::MG Sreekumar
28Dhoore puzhayudeChakkramRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
29AruvikaludeSaivar thirumeniRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas::Chithra
30Thai thai cholliThachiledathu ChundanRaveendran::Bichu Thirumala::Yesudas
31Dhoore karalilurukumoruKanmadhamRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
32Thathaka thathakaVadakkumnathanRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::MG Sreekumar
34Pattu veluppinuVenkalamRaveendran::P Bhaskaran::Biju Narayanan
35Kallan chakkettuThachiledathu ChundanRaveendran::Bichu Thirumala::Yesudas::Chithra
36Kallyanam kallyanamPadaliputhramRaveendran::Bichu Thirumala::MG Sreekumar
37AnjazhiAayirapparaRaveendran::Kavalam Narayana Panicker::Yesudas
38Gange thudiyilVadakkumnathanRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Chithra
39Pathimayum chandralekhaChakkramRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
40MamalameleAbhimanueRaveendran::Kaithapram::MG Sreekumar::Chithra
41Othiri othiriVenkalamRaveendran::P Bhaskaran::Yesudas
42AllikallineSaivar thirumeniRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::manoj k jayan
44kalabham tharamVadakkumnathanRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Biju Narayanan
45Ellavarkum kittiyalAayirapparaRaveendran::Kavalam Narayana Panicker::MG Sreekumar
46Sheeveli mudangiVenkalamRaveendran::P Bhaskaran::Yesudas
47Mannilum VinnilumChakkramRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::santhosh kesavan
48YesunayakaSaivar thirumeniRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas::saumya
49Meen meenmi pariPadaliputhramRaveendran::Bichu Thirumala::MG Sreekumar
50PahiparamporuleVadakkumnathanRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::manjari::sindhu premkumar
51Muttathe mullathaiSaivar thirumeniRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::jayachandran::Sujatha
52Pathimayum chandralekhaChakkramRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Chithra
53ShaivasamkethameThachiledathu ChundanRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas
54manchadi cheppilPadaliputhramRaveendran::Bichu Thirumala::sujatha
55Classical bitAbhimanueRaveendran::Chithra
56JapakodigunamSaivar thirumeniRaveendran::Gireesh Puthanchery::Yesudas

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