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Granite Engraving- Wedding Photo- 12x8 inches- Standard

Granite Engraving- Wedding Photo- 12x8 inches- Standard

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Granite Engraving Rs. 8000
Stand for granite engraving Rs. 1200
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A unique, everlasting and perfect gift for any wedding anniversary. The etched wedding photo on granite. 100% hand made by skillfull artist. This product is 100% fire, water, scratch resistant. The message can be customized.

Customizable message.

After placing your order, send your photo to cs@maebag.com.

Approximate time for completion: 12 days

Etching done with more than 95% accuracy.

Can be fixed on wall

Optional granite stand for table mounting.

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Granite Engraving
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Granite Engraving- Wedding Photo- 12x8 inches- Standard
Granite Engraving- Wedding Photo- 12x8 inches- Standard
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